Paradox Girl is out!

Written by Cayti Bourquin and drawn by Yishan Li, Hana Comics presents Paradox Girl - She's far from your average hero ;)
We've been lettering this project since issue #1 and have since expanded our role. Challenging fought hard for the honor of coloring this quirky series from issue #2 forward and we're pleased with the results. (We think you will be too.) You can find it here.
Issue #6 is currently in renders and coming soon; watch this space for updates!


Challenging Studios to color "Junky Star" for First Comics

Challenging will be handling interior colors for the Fillbach Bros' "Junky Star". It's an interplanetary adventure for the whole family! You can currently find black and white copies here. Watch this space for updates on the full color release!


Carpe Noctem #1-6 is out!

Check out Hashtag's Carpe Noctem! You can find the first issue here and the first TPB in your local comic book store.


Sex and Violence: Red Dog Army is out!

Justin Gray's "Red Dog Army", a part of the S&V Vol 2 anthology is available for purchase! You can get it here in digital format and here in exclusive hard copy (supplies very limited, get yours now!).


Forager is out!

Jimmy Palmiotti's all-ages space romp is out (and has been for a while). You can buy your copy here! If you want a first run print from the Kickstarter, contact us and we might be able to find one for you.


Forager is Coming!

Check out Forager on Kickstarter
"Forager" by Palmiotti & Gray; pencils by Steven Cummings; colors by Challenging Comics. Take a look at:
The Official Kickstarter Page


Weapon of God is Out!

PaperFilms Presents "Weapon of God" -- Palmiotti & Gray, Caracuzzo, Challenging Studios. On sale now!


Sex & Violence: Girl in a Storm is Out

Sex & Violence: Girl in a Storm has Been Released

The latest collaboration between Challenging Studios and PaperFilms, Inc has been released. Concept by by Palmiotti & Gray; colors by Challenging Comics. To order copies, see:

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